David  Marsh

         David Marsh Organist
         Piano Lessons, Organ Lessons, Concert Artist

Teaching Staff

David began playing the organ and piano when He was fourteen years old. Discovering that the organ and piano were excellent vehicles to express himself, he decided to pursue learning as much as he could about them.

After discovering that he enjoyed teaching, he decided to begin offering progressive piano lessons focused on the individual needs of the student. David rarely uses books to teach, since he prefers to write his own materials for each student. While some piano teachers would call this controversial, David decides to press on, knowing that in the end, all that matters is that the student has a fun time, and learns how play music exactly as they would like to.

David resides in South Orange County, CA. Click HERE to schedule a trial lesson!


Blake Rambo has been playing piano since the age of 11, and has cultivated her skill and appreciation for jazz piano, while also maintaining an affiliation with classical music.  

Blake is a dynamic and progressive teacher, utilizing both Modern and Traditional techniques to effectively teach the art of piano. 

Blake resides in Northern Orange County, California. Click HERE to schedule a trial lesson!