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Theory Reference Guide and Cheat Sheet

          Over the past couple of years, the "Theory Reference Guide and Cheat Sheet" has taken many different forms. It was originally created for one of my students, and was completely hand-written on very poor-quality paper. I one day decided to type it. Version 1 was difficult to read, and contained no explanation for the information given. After all, it was intended as a reference. I did not need to include explanations, simply because my students physically had me to explain things for them.


          Fast-forward to now. Now I have "Version 3.0.0". I have decided to add explanations to the concepts (except for one of them), and have also added a color-coding system. The font has been changed, and information re-ordered to make more sense. I have removed some information, simply because it has become unnecessary to include. One thing to keep in mind - the "Theory Reference Guide and Cheat Sheet" is in no way exhaustive. It simply covers the topics that my students tend to have the most difficulty with. Over time, I will expand it to include more advanced topics. But until then, I hope that this reference guide can help you gain some musical insight that will set you on the path to exploring more. Also, please note, this is not a "Beginning Piano" reference guide. That is another project that is currently underway.

Click here to download Version 3 of the Theory Reference Guide and Cheat Sheet.