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Picking a Digital Piano

     With so many different digital pianos out there, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. Here's the thing: not every digital piano is right for every person. One individual may like an instrument with thousands of sounds, hundreds of features, and a shiny appearance. Another person may just want a digital piano, and nothing else; turn it on, there's the piano sound, and you are ready to go. Whatever the case may be, there is a digital instrument for you.

Digital versus Acoustic (The Real Deal)

     I am very frequently asked: "Why should I buy a digital piano instead of an acoustic one?". Let's take the cost of tuning a piano. It can cost $120 just to tune the thing. Over five years, you've just spent $600. Ten years? $1200. Add the cost of the initial investment (probably around $3000 if you are going for a small upright that is marginally decent), a budget for repairs (say, $1100), and you've just spent $5300. And you are limited FOREVER to just the sound of a piano. What if you develop a creative side and want to experiment with different sounds? Can't be done.

     What about a digital instrument? Nowadays, the differences between digital pianos and acoustic ones are blurred. Digital pianos made today are hundreds of times better than ones made ten years ago. Let's get back to money. Suppose you wanted one of the best portable digital pianos on the market, capable of producing the most beautiful piano tones imaginable (I do have a particular Brand in mind, I'll get to that soon), and expertly recreating the sounds of a full orchestra, or ever emulating a heavy-metal band? What will you spend? Think it's expensive? Well, compared to the cost of maintaining an acoustic, $2500 is not that much. And that is for a top-of-the-line instrument. Add a repair budget for the life of the instrument (which is long if you go with the brand I recommend) at $500, and you've just saved $2300. Plus, you get to keep the door open to have the creative juices flowing.

My Favorites for a new Digital Piano   

Here are some excellent choices from my favorite brand: Roland. The product names I give here are clickable links that will take you to the product page on Roland's website.

Entry Level:
The Roland FP-30
     If you’ve dreamed of having a piano in your home but don’t have the space or budget for a full-sized instrument, your wait is over. The affordable FP-30 offers Roland’s acclaimed sound, feel, and modern features in a top-quality 88-note instrument that fits any space with ease. Light and portable, it’s a great fit for performing players and music classrooms as well. Adding in numerous sounds beyond the piano, built-in practice and recording functions, and Bluetooth® wireless support for working with popular music apps, the FP-30 delivers a premium musical experience previously unattainable in such a streamlined package.

Ready to Move on?
The Roland RD-300NX
       Flagship Features at a Nice Price

Today, the world-famous SuperNATURAL sound and expression of the flagship RD is available at a lighter weight and more affordable price…introducing the RD-300NX. This state-of-the-art stage piano boasts an advanced SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, E. Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology, a newly developed Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement, a unique Sound Focus feature, and more.

Want Even More?

     The Roland RD-800

For over 25 years, Roland’s highly respected RD-series stage pianos have been the instruments of choice for the world’s leading performing artists. Rocketing the RD legacy into its next generation, the new RD-800 offers a sleek, updated look and many improvements in sound, feel, and versatility. The selection of world-class acoustic pianos has been expanded and enhanced, while the 88-note keyboard features our latest flagship hammer-action design for a premium weighted touch. A variety of authentic vintage electric pianos are also on board, plus organs, synths, and many other pro sounds for augmenting your live performances. Onstage operation is effortless with the ultra-intuitive interface, which includes a color display, a generous array of dedicated controls, and the new Tone Color function for dramatic sound manipulation from a single knob. Filled with Roland’s best piano features and much more, the RD-800 delivers top performance and maximum stage versatility in one impressive instrument.

Ready for the Ultimate?

     The Roland V-Piano

Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first” products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V” series: V-Accordion, V-Bass, V-Drums, V-Guitar, and V-Synth. Today, Roland proudly announces the next chapter in the V legacy…the V-Piano. Throw away all preconceived notions of what a digital piano was and is. This instrument changes everything.

Four New Pianos Onboard
Roland’s groundbreaking V-Piano has won acclaim from the world’s finest pianists. With its innovative approach to digital-piano synthesis, the V-Piano soars beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments. Today, a new V-Piano System Program Upgrade adds four new piano models to the feature set.