David  Marsh

         David Marsh Organist
         Piano Lessons, Organ Lessons, Concert Artist

Desi's Music Extravaganza!

With the resounding success of our Palm Springs Extravaganza 2016, we are thrilled to formally announce the Good News! By popular demand, we have committed to presenting an encore performance of the festival this coming October 2nd-5th, 2017, at the Palm Springs Hilton Resort, but with an expanded roster of dynamic players and an enhanced slant on new, creative styling. I promise that all of you will be delighted to experience what we have in store for you this year.

New learning tools, contemporary performances by renowned artists, take-home reference guides from top clinicians, extended social hours, and much more! Plus, we have commitments from several national artists making their first appearance at our event. Just think, fresh playing ideas, novel use of the wonders of the Atelier, innovative arrangements to "steal'...this year will truly prove to be the biggest and best extravaganza in our history!

So don't miss out on this unique, fun=filled activity sponsored by Desi's Music  enters. Of course, your advanced commitment to attend is vital to making our dream happen. That's the reason for me now sharing our intensions with you for this show of a lifetime. To accurately budget the event's expense we would like a deposit of $200.00 before March 15th, 2017, I would personally appreciate knowing how many of my musical friends are committing to be at our event. Although we have some  eight months lead time, hearing from each of you about your plan to attend would be gratefully welcome.

Thank you. We are so fortunate to have retained this beautiful group of people who enjoy one another's company while listening and learning about the craft that connects them. How lucky we all are!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Desi Nelson

[email protected]